The Microbiome Affects Covid Risk and Outcomes

Rodney Dietert, PhD.

Microbiome and COVID


Hi Everyone. Welcome to the Microbiome Minute with your host…, Rodney Dietert, Professor Emeritus, Cornell University, and author of The Human Superorganism.  For about a minute of your time each week, I will share the latest microbiome research and most importantly, why it matters for your better health. Learn a little micro lingo, impress your friends, and most importantly, better connect with your body’s microbial partners.  They have been patiently waiting for your undivided attention

The Story

Your microbiome is the frontline defense against most forms of pathogens. SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) is no exception. Nikaïa Smith and colleagues at the Pasteur Institute in Paris found that individuals harboring specific bacterial pathogens in the nasopharyngeal region (the nose and upper throat) were at a greater risk of tissue-damaging inflammation (e.g., via a cytokine storm) and severe Covid-19 outcomes than those individuals whose nasal microbiome protected them from bacterial pathogens.  Having certain pathogenic bacteria in the nose and upper throat made it easier for secondary bacterial infections to occur in the lungs during the immune response to Covid-19. Secondary bacterial infections are a major cause of death not only from Covid-19 but also the flu.

Take Home Message

The take-home message is:

  • Your microbiome is your front line defense against potentially life-threatening infections.
  • Take care of your microbiome and you will be better protected against disease.

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