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World Asthma Foundation

Mission: to empower the Global Asthma community through education, collaboration, and advocacy


"The Impact and burden of NCDs"


Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), are the leading cause of death, worldwide.
NCDs such as heart disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease, and diabetes, are the leading cause of death worldwide and represent an emerging global health threat. Deaths from NCDs now exceed all communicable disease deaths combined.
NCDs kill 41 million people each year, equivalent to over 7 out of 10 deaths worldwide. Changing social, economic, and structural factors such as more people moving to cities and the spread of unhealthy lifestyles have fueled the NCD crisis that kills 15 million people prematurely—before the age of 70—each year.
The high burden of NCDs among working age people leads to high healthcare costs, limited ability to work, and financial insecurity. 
The World Asthma Foundation supports the goal of sustainable healthcare, to improve quality of life at reduced cost by addressing the microbiome first, as recent research shows that all of these non-communicable diseases have a relationship to the microbiome.

Fast Facts

  • Every two seconds, a person dies prematurely from an NCD.1
  • 85% of premature deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.1
  • Low- and middle-income countries are estimated to surpass $500 billion per year in economic losses due to NCDs.3
  • Every $1 invested in proven NCD interventions in low- and lower middle-income countries will generate at least $7 in increased economic development or reduced health care costs by 2030.1


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WAF’s mission is to empower the World Asthma community through education, collaboration, and advocacy.


The World Asthma Foundation sees a day where we can improve the quality of life for all Asthmatics. We do this by advocating for an improved understanding of the causes, diagnostic tools, methodologies, precision therapies, prevention, sustainability in healthcare, and one day a cure.


The World Asthma Foundation pursues its mission and vision with a strategy to support the Asthma community with educational resources. The goal is to foster improved outcomes, better doctor-patient relationships, and support joint decision-making. In this way, Asthmatics can take charge of their own health. The main resources we use are podcasts, videos, bulletins and in-depth scientific analysis.

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