The Microbiome First Initiative

Why Microbiome First?

The microbiome and its genes have been shown to have great control over human health. By addressing the microbiome first, before manipulating health with drugs  and medications, researchers suspect that quality human healthcare can be achieved more effectively, at a much lower cost.

The Microbiome First initiative aims to elevate awareness of the extent to which the human microbiome along with its majority of human genes affects all aspects of human development, health, disease and wellbeing.

Including the microbiome in medicine, public health, prevention, nutrition, wellness, and therapeutics is essential if we are to open a path toward sustainable healthcare.

In some cases, the human microbiome may play an adjunct role in prevention and therapy while in many cases [e.g., colonization resistance against infections, prevention of noncommunicable diseases and conditions (NCDs)], it should be the first consideration.

- Rodney Deitert

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